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10 Awesome Things Class of 2016 Have Done [List]

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Last week, we celebrated the third graduating execMBA cohort, the class of 2016. They’ve done some truly awesome things since they started the program in 2014. Looking back, here are some of the best.

10 Awesome Things - Class of 2016

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Class President - Class of 201610. Elected the first-ever execMBA class president

As our cohort size grows, candidates elected class president Chris Bowers to represent them in front of program and college leadership.


Ambassador Team - Class of 20169. Piloted the ambassador team and volunteered to be representatives in a growing network

Thirteen of our graduates volunteered to serve as ambassador representatives in their geographic areas.


Orientation - Class of 20168. Started orientation with a new execMBA director

Both the class of 2016 and director Kathleen Dolan were thrown into the deep end during orientation 2014!


UPCEA - Class of 20167. Contributed to the execMBA’s receipt of the UPCEA Excellence in Advancing Student Success Award

The award is presented to a program that demonstrates a commitment to adult learner success.


Promotions - Class of 20166. Received promotions, took on new responsibilities, and pursued new goals

A record-breaking 73% of execMBA candidates made a professional move while enrolled, taking roles like Director of Strategy and Manager of Financial Planning.


International Residency - Class of 20165. Experienced global business

The international residency was all about contextual intelligence (and, so we hear, some serious karaoke).


Friday Night Lights - Class of 20164. Welcomed industry leaders during the first year of Friday Night Lights

Guest speakers including former Mizzou Head Football Coach Gary Pinkel led these moderated discussions.


Innovation Course - Class of 20163. Experienced the brand new Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship course

Added by popular demand, this course focuses on skills candidates need to be successful innovators in entrepreneurial ventures and existing firms.


Professional Advancement - Class of 20162. Launched the Professional Advancement Series

The PAS is designed to maximize professional growth with a variety of keynote workshops and sessions.


Class of 20161. Earned a valuable MBA and joined a network of world-class execMBA alumni

Congratulations to the class of 2016!

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